Class of 1965
​​​1st Grade Girls​​
We were the first 1st grade class at SJS.  Sr. Adele wisely had the girls and boys 
photographed separately, possibly because the girls had cooties.
1st Grade Boys
Sr. Maria and Sr. Clarice
Ken O'Connor, Sr. Clarice
Last day of school
Sr. Maria and Bob Bartlett
SJS 1965 - CBA 1969
L to R:  Bob Bartlett, Joey Marotta, Chris Tomain, Billy Richards, Joe Pallone.
Missing:  Mike Barnett, Will Postel.
Rives King, Buddy Klaer, Joe O'Gorman, lots of NYC sky
Here's Bob with an engine that fueled his passion at a tender age, and launched his career as a highly successful high performance engine builder.  With Bob is his dad:  great human being, Webelos den leader, inspirational role model.
Sr. Anne or Sr. Theresa with Janet Bartlett.  We know Bob's sister is on the far right,
but which sister is the Sister?

SJS had not opened yet and some of the class went to kindergarten at Holy Trinity.  Our teacher was Sr. Carmela.  Class was held in a linoleum flooring store at the corner of Division St. and Exchange Pl. (opposite the yet to be built Holy Trinity School) and in the basement of the church, where the milk was stored in the furnace room along with a statue.  The milk came in bottles from McCue's Dairy that had to be shaken to mix in the cream that floated on the top.
Our man Chris does it again!  In an attempt to reprise his famous 2nd grade acrobatic achievement, he manages only a compound fracture of the right wrist.  Perhaps he needed the tree in Buddy Klaer's back yard to do a proper job.  Keep trying, Chris!  We know you can do it.
Jane Roper whispers "I love you" to Joe Pallone
Bob standing in the paddock before a race at Goodwood, England, next to a Maserati 151 propelled by the monster engine he built, an 8 cylinder with16 spark plugs and 4 camshafts.  Bob also drove Diane Rohman at speed around a track in his Porsche 911. 
Clockwise from upper left:  Patty Murphy, Gisella Riccio, someone, Diann LaSpino. 
Can you ID the girl at lower right? 
She is also in the SJS 1st grade photo.

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Name it and claim it.

Audition photo for the role of Alfred E. Neuman.

This boy apparently had no name, address, secrets or favorites.