Also, PattyRatti (one word) had flown in from CA and Bobby Pontecorvo from FL for the Shore Regional Reunion on Sept. 21.  Donna Astorino Critelli and Anne Marie Gil Ryan were away.  We missed Joe Catalano by a day.  Chris Tomain decided his son's wedding in San Antonio was more important.
Joe Pallone, Bob Bartlett, Christine Malinowski Scholtz, Joey Marotta, Billy Richards, Mike Barnett
Donna Gesualdi Clay
Joe Marotta, Alex Cosentino
Valerie Bartlett, Bob Bartlett, Alex Cosentino
Denise Campion-Minton
Diana Brannon Malinowski 
Bill Richards
Bob and Bill
Linda Cosentino
Mike Barnett
Mary Richards
Joe Pallone

St. Jerome School, Class of 1965

Dear Classmate,

     We invite you to get together on Sunday, September 22, at 4:00 p.m., at Tavern 19, 2000 Lowther Drive, Eatontown, NJ.  A corner will be set aside for us and there is no cost except for what you may consume from the cash bar.  We hope to have a class reunion in the future so consider this just a low-key and casual pre-reunion event.  Tavern 19 is next to Gibbs Hall which used to be part of Ft. Monmouth and is now Suneagles Golf Club.  You are welcome to bring a friend or significant other. 

     Please let us know if you’re planning to attend the get-together so we can tell Tavern 19 the number of people to expect.  CLICK HERE

     The get-together will follow a luncheon CLICK HERE for Sr. Angelina Pelliccia, MPF.  A number of classmates plan to attend the luncheon but you do not have to attend the luncheon to come to the class get-together.  If you are attending the luncheon, If you cannot make it but would like to donate to the Sr. Angelina Legacy Fund, CLICK HERE  and be sure to write “Class of 1965” in the Memo: block.
     Bruce Springsteen and his band will perform for about half an hour.[i]  Chris Tomain will reenact falling out of a tree in Bud Klaer’s back yard and breaking both his arms.[ii]  Also, you may remember we gave Sandy Sacco some money at graduation for a future reunion.  A back-of-the-envelope calculation shows that if Sandy had put that $30 +/- in a simple passbook account it would be worth $127,635.42 today.[iii]

Michael Barnett                                Bob Bartlett                                            Joe Marotta
[email protected]               [email protected]                     [email protected]
                                                         434 432-4409

Joe Pallone                                       Bill Richards                                       Chris Tomain
[email protected]                      [email protected]                  [email protected]
571 289-1522

[i] This may be a slight exaggeration or totally false.
[ii] Chris has been asked but has not yet agreed.
[iii] Sandy, where’s the money?